The Schedule

LAB Tour will be for 10 hours


Pick you from your Location and Reach the Lab

Through 4th Dimensional Distance Travel (Teleport)


How I produce Electricity 24x7

Colors of existential Magnetic Field around us through 4th Dimension

Meaning of each color in multi-layer through decryption

How to decrypt and interpret the colors

How to deal with Existential Magnetic and Dynamic Functional Message (EMDF)

How I discover new planets

Live footage of Death Star on a Planet

My own created language, and language-codes

Different books which I wrote

My Library of Research papers

How my bot works

How I program

My work yard, where all hardware is manufactured and assembled

Show many more things related to your interests

In between the tour

Take any Number of Break

All Food, Snacks, Drinks are on me


Instruct you what should be in a Report.


Drop you at your Location.