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Laboratory Tour

9LU 137786 's Lab

Earn 25,000 USD in a day by a laboratory Tour at free of cost

See the most advanced TECHNOLOGIES about which world is not aware

LAB Tour will be only for 10 hours

Question And Answers

Q- Who can be eligible for LAB Tour?

A- Anyone of any age, Gender, or Sexuality. Everyone should have equal opportunity. I am only searching for people who have the ability to do big things in the future.

Q- How to Contact?

A- Send me an email. You can write in any language in which you are comfortable, write an introduction(short or long does not matter) about you with what things you have worked on, working on, and will work on. Including your achievements in your field with future plans, if any. It does not matter if you have achieved anything or not. Also, there is no need to send any documents or any kind of material attached with an email related to your work, which can reveal the working of your work. Only write what it did, never write how it did. If you want, you can also write about your passion and what else you want to become in life. Write as much as you like. I just want to know you more.

Q- How will you get an invitation, and what do you have to do?

A- Only write things which are true so that I can get an idea about you, and my bot will check the data about you, and if you are true to yourself, then you will get a confirmation mail. Even if you write a single lie, my bot will detect it, and he will neglect your email. It does not matter whether your vocabulary is good or not or your email has spelling mistakes. It does not matter whether your email is written formally or informally. My bot will gather detailed information about you. After concluding, I will send you an invitation with an electronic agreement which is a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)/proprietary information agreement (PIA)/secrecy agreement (SA). You are allowed to tell anyone about the invitation or going to meet me or have met me, but you are not allowed to reveal my identity to anyone and also not allowed to tell what you see inside my lab and during the tour means anything related to my work. After signing, just send me the date and time which suits you and from where I should come to pick you.

- Need to follow things before entering the lab

- Not allowed to bring any kind of electronic device, not even a watch, phone, compass, I will provide you everything. Just come in regular clothes.

- Remember

- This tour is completely safe and free of cost with no hidden cost of any kind. Everything is on me, Food, Travel, and everything. Neither I ask nor I take money for anything instead you will get 25,000 USD if you submit your report about your experience and other things within 78 hours. For that also I will not take any money, only give you money. Even if you want more time to complete the report, I will give time to you, and the money will remain the same.

- Don't send that report through mail. I will collect it from your doorstep as I get the report in my hand, your money will be transferred to your bank account within a second, and if you want the cash, I can also give you that. The report should not be shared with anybody except me and should be deleted from all the devices such that It should not be recovered by anyone.

- The motive to invite people

- I have completely opened my heart, at most what can be possible, you will try to harm/betray me, but this does not mean all people are bad. All I just want to motivate people who are capable of doing big things in life.

- Even in the future, if you get stuck in anything, I am always ready to help you, and If you want, I can sign the NDA or any agreement which can ensure that I will not disclose or steal your work. I don't trust people easily that why I am also ready if someone treats me also like that. Even for that help, I will not ask money instead I can give you the money if you have the passion for your work in return for nothing. All rights will be with you only. I don't want to see any other person who has the capability to do big things but is not able to do any Experiments/Researches/Inventions due to lack of financial sources. I have wasted 6 years from the age of 10 to 16 because I don't have any financial support. That's why I made myself capable enough to support my work, and Now I am able to support others.


Submit Report and Earn 25,000

The report is mainly about your experience, and it is not hard. Even an 8th Grade can easily make a report in 24 hours